Green Schools

Green Schools

Eco-Media Film-Making and Cinema Advertisement for Green Schools

Over the past 14 years, The New Media Institute has been working with Local Authorities and Green Schools creating short films and Cinema advertisements which highlight environmental and anti-litter issues for young people in Secondary Schools.

The benefits of working with film are far-reaching as it stimulates research and class discussion, story-boarding and film production. The finished films/cinema advertisements can be viewed on your Local Authority website and in the Cinema and hence the ‘Green Message’ extends far beyond the Green School itself.

As an added incentive to creating a Production, the students finished work can be viewed at a Film/Cinema Premiere event along with productions from other participating schools from their County and perhaps culminate in a Prize-Giving by the Local Authority.

Fingal Anti-Litter Secondary School Advert Awards

Roscommon County Council Anti-Litter Project 2015

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